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What to do with that big, blank wall.

Whether you’ve just moved into your dream home or you’ve lived with it for the last 20 years, every home has at least one giant blank wall. There are no windows to break it up, and your furniture arrangement still leaves this large rectangle devoid of design inspiration. So what do you do with it? We’ve got a couple ideas to help you out!

  • Paint it with an accent color.

Creating a punch of color can really impact the space, especially if the rest of your walls are a tame color. Look for a bright color that compliments the rest of the wall paint while drawing inspiration from the room decor. Some common color choices are a green to liven up the space, a red to create a dramatic feel or a brown to bring some gravitas. It’s certainly one of the cheapest ways to bring in that blank wall.

  • Create a gallery wall.

Another option to bring life to that giant wall is to cover it with a gallery of framed pictures. It could be a collection of family pictures in mismatched frames, an orderly set in all matched frames or even a giant picture cut up with each piece in it’s own frame. The possibilities are endless, but a gallery wall not only fills the space, but can add a personal touch. A gallery wall can also be as cheap or as expensive as you choose to make it. Even the local big-box stores will carry some cheap, matching frames that you can put up, or a quality framing company like the local McDonald-Niklaus Framing can help turn a collection of family photos into works of art.

  • Make the whole wall a piece of art.

Another option is to put up a strong, vibrant wallpaper or a beautiful textile that turns the entire wall into a work of art. The right wallpaper can look like a custom painted, patterned mural, and a plethora of online sources can provide just about any accent color you’re looking for. Of course, you can also put up any fabric, either in the form of a giant curtain or tapestry or by creating some giant panels that can be hung separately. No matter how you decide to hang it, just pick a fabric with enough life and color to evoke the feeling you’re going for without overpowering the room.

  • Add a large, striking piece of art.

Of course, one simple answer is to just hang up a big, beautiful painting. It’s certainly an impactful, classic answer to the age-old giant-wall dilemma, but there are a few things to consider. The first thing that might sprint to mind is buying a large framed painting to fill the space. While that’s sure to look great, depending on several factors, it could be an expensive solution. Other options could be to look for local artists or even to create your own wall art. One common project involves printing a black and white photograph as an “engineering print” at Staples. The large black and white printing costs less than $10 and can be mounted in a nice frame or even glued to a board to create a giant piece of art.

  • Build a bookshelf

Finally, you could forget about decorating the wall and just add a bookshelf. An elegant built-in bookshelf always add class, and even a mismatched collection of particleboard bookshelves at least adds storage. As a bonus, a giant all of bookshelves might just make you look smarter. Of course, actually reading them all could even make you smarter. At any rate, a classy bookshelf wall is a great addition to any house.

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