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Want to Use Color Psychology to Sell Your Home Faster and for More Money?

paint bucket photoThere’s no doubt about it, colors play a huge role in our emotions. Some colors make us feel happy or relaxed, while others can make us feel anxious or cold. When you’re getting ready to sell your home, you can use these colors to help buyers feel the positive feelings about your house that will lead to faster, better offers.

First of all, a simple coat of paint, even before we start to use the psychology of colors, generally offers a great return on investment when it’s time to sell. Seeing fresh, unblemished paint sends buyers a signal that your house has been well cared for. A poorly maintained home will just bring the new owner headaches, and they know it, so use paint to let them see how well you cared for your home. In addition, paint can be a quick, cheap fix for common eyesores like 70’s wood paneling, pet scratched trim and the time your little angel found the permanent marker.

So, what color should you use? It depends on what you’re trying to convey.


yellow kitchen photoYellow is often associated with sunshine, happiness and light. That makes it an ideal color to use in spaces you want to appear larger and more welcoming, such as hallways and windowless laundry rooms. It can also create a feeling of joy in family spaces, like the kitchen. But use yellow with care. It can be a polarizing color that some people love and others hate, so stick with soft yellow shades. Think warm butter.



Green is located in the center of the color spectrum, and often conveys a sense of balance and calm. Further back in human history, green often meant no drought, and with it, abundance. With this in mind, a light sea-foam green would have a calming effect perfect for a bathroom, while a darker evergreen would make a study or den feel cozy and peaceful.


blue living room photoLight blues hearken back to water and counter up feelings of peace, tranquility and space, while a darker blue can make a formal dining room feel cozy and inviting.


Grey is a neutral color that can pair well with almost any other color, depending on which shade of grey you choose. Lighter hues make people feel calm and relaxed, while darker hues feel warm. The trick with grey is to pick the right base color. A grey with a beige or yellow base will make a space feel warmer, while a blue base will make the room feel icy.


brown paint photo
While this tan is calming, the green, well, not so much.

At first glance, brown might not seem like a very exciting color, but brown is the color we most associate with the calming effects of nature. Darker hues can create a sense of quiet calm, making them perfect for a space that a buyer might think about spending time with their family, such as a den or family room. At the same time, lighter hues can still be calming while giving a more open feeling.

In general, darker colors make the walls jump out, giving a feeling of closeness, while lighter colors give a better feeling of space. So while painting a small bathroom a dark blue will make it seem even smaller, painting a smallish kitchen a light butter yellow will make it feel more open and airy.

Remember that buyers will be bringing in their own furniture and decorations, so this isn’t the time for bold design choices. At the same time, white or cream walls can be the worst choice, leaving the home feeling institutional and empty, rather than warm and inviting. And oranges and reds are just a danger zone. Use with caution!

If all of this leaves you feeling overwhelmed, feel free to stop by McInturf Realty and talk to one of our real estate professionals. They’ve sold hundreds of houses and can help ensure that yours is ready to get top dollar.



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