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Mastering the art of adding art to your home.

Looking to jazz up your new home with some artistic touches but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you have owned your home for some time and are looking to make a change in décor? This month’s feature will give you great ideas on how to choose art for your home and feature it well.

The Art:

photo (4)Visit local shops and art shows. You may be surprised at the unique treasures found there. Local shops often carry the flavor of the area in which you live, whether that is beautiful Amish quilts or paintings by artists in your area. You can even consider art made by Tuscarawas County residents with developmental disabilities, such as art featured by S.E.I. This is a great way to showcase your connection to and love of Tuscarawas County.

Display the art you or someone you know has created. If you are passionate about a certain medium, or have a friend or family member who specializes in a certain form of art, displaying these pieces can add flair to your home on a much more personal level than simply buying mass-made art from a store. It can also be a great conversation starter when you have friends over.

framed silhouettes  photoHave silhouettes made of your family members and make a display of these pieces. If you love photos, but want to jazz things up, you can create these silhouettes yourself or order one through a local shop, such as McDonald Niklaus.

Go for art you love, even if it isn’t what’s “in.” You are the one that is living with the art, so make sure that above all, the person you are trying to impress with your décor is YOU. If you like the outdoors and calming places in nature, go for rustic pieces and wooden frames, even a fountain, to help bring that feel into your home. If you prefer a feeling of opulence to your rooms, go for rich colors and invest in special pieces from auction sites and art school shows.

And what to do with it…

Don’t be afraid to take up an entire wall with a special piece that you love. The idea of a large canvas or painting often overwhelms people, but it can become a bold statement and fun focal piece for those brave enough to try this. Go for one bold piece in a room, if using this technique.giant painting photo

Add multiple pieces to one area to create a different kind of bold effect. For instance, frame the same piece several times, but do it in different colors each time to create a fun effect. Or place vertical canvases side by side in a row to create a dramatic series of art on a wall.

Use lighting to make your pieces pop. You don’t have to install new expensive lighting to make the area work for you. Consider moving existing standing lamps in such a way that shines light on your art and helps create the feeling of a featured focal point within a room.

framed artwork photoConsider colors that complement a room. Remember that if you have a room with reds and browns, you don’t want to place a painting with greens and blues in that room. Keep warm colors and cool colors separate according to the furniture and color of the walls in a particular space.


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