Cade Watkins, a dedicated real estate professional from Tuscarawas County, blends his local upbringing with academic excellence. A Claymont High School graduate and current Kent State University student, Cade’s pursuit of a business management degree complements his hands-on experience in real estate. His background in family-owned rental properties and his passion for sales equip him to serve Ohio’s real estate market.

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My Background

Cade Watkins’s journey in real estate is intertwined with his educational endeavors. Graduating from Claymont High School in 2022, he immediately continued his academic journey at Kent State University, earning an associate degree and currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in business management. His rigorous pre-licensing studies have sharpened his readiness to excel in the Ohio real estate market.

Despite his youth, Cade’s involvement in his family’s rental property business has provided him with practical insights into real estate. This blend of academic knowledge and real-world experience positions him uniquely to offer valuable perspectives to his clients.

My Achievements

Associate degree from Kent State University
Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business Management
In-depth involvement in family-owned rental property business

My Approach

Cade believes his educational background and hands-on experience in managing rental properties have equipped him to effectively assist clients in buying or selling properties. His approach is rooted in a deep understanding of property assessment, ensuring his clients make informed decisions. Cade is committed to continuous learning, drawing insights from experienced agents at McInturf Realty to enhance his service.

My Specializations

While Cade does not specify a niche market, his experience with family-owned rental properties suggests a keen eye for property valuation and potential. This background could be particularly beneficial for clients interested in investment properties or those looking for homes with potential for value addition.

More About Me

Cade’s passion for real estate is matched by his commitment to helping others, a trait that underpins his desire to excel in the sales field. He prides himself on being thorough and dedicated in all his endeavors, including guiding clients through significant life decisions in real estate. His forward-looking approach, combined with a strong sense of community and client service, makes him a promising agent for any real estate needs.

My Listings

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