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9 Must-Have Supplies for Do-It-Yourself Movers

When the initial excitement of buying a new home wears off, the reality of moving can set in. Years worth of accumulated belongings all need to be carefully moved into your new home, and it’s a daunting reality. If you decide to go the DIY moving route, it can be even more complicated. But having the following supplies on hand can help make the process just that much smoother.

1. Good packing tape

packing tape photoQuality packing tape can be expensive, but price is an indicator of quality. Heavy duty tape will seal the bottom of a box with one strip, paying for itself in saved tape and saved time. Buy it early and in bulk to avoid delays and the higher cost of a single roll.

2. Boxes, lots of boxes

While it’s entirely possible to move everything you own in used boxes from local stores, investing in quality, purpose-made boxes can save you some real headaches. Real moving boxes are heavy duty and uniform in size and shape, making stacking easier. In addition, wardrobe boxes can make moving your entire closet a snap.

3. Stretch plastic wrap

Plastic wrap made especially for moving is stretchy and sticks to itself. This stuff is a miracle on moving day. It can keep plastic bins closed, rugs rolled up and keep the refrigerator doors closed. Plus, since it’s non-adhesive it won’t leave sticky residue on anything. If you haven’t seen it before, here’s an example.

4. Packaging paper

This stuff is different than tissue paper, or even that brown paper that sometimes comes in packages. It’s made especially for filling in the empty space in boxes. The rule of thumb is that nothing in the box should move, and packing paper like this takes care of it. It’s especially designed for things that aren’t fragile enough to warrant bubble wrap.

5. Bubble wrap

bubble wrap photoSpeaking of bubble wrap, it’s another necessity. For protecting delicate china or figurines, there’s no substitute for old-fashioned bubble wrap. Plus, after the unpacking is done, it’s great for stress relief.

6. Carpet protection

Carpet protection plastic may look like the stretch plastic wrap from earlier, but it’s a different animal. It’s slightly tacky so that it will stick to the carpet. With several well-meaning friends tramping in and out all day, dirt and pebbles can get tracked all over your new carpet without some sort of protection.

7. Utility knives

Having a few high-quality knives within reach will make moving day that much easier. There’s always some tape to cut or a box to open during moving day.

8. Moving blankets

You can rent moving blankets from any moving store, or you can just use some old blankets that you don’t mind getting some grease stains on. You can use the plastic wrap from earlier to stick these blankets around anything that you want to protect from dents, dings or scratches.

9. A dolly or some sliders

If you’re without the strong backs of professional movers, these little furniture movers can be a life saver. They have them available for both hard floors or carpet. Of course, even better is if you can borrow a moving dolly. You’ll make even fewer trips and save yourself some extra work.

If you decide to go the do-it-yourself route for moving, a few simple preparations can help smooth out the big day. If you’re still nervous about moving day, feel free to ask your real estate professional for their advice. They’ve seen a lot of moving days.

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