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6 Interior Design Trends to Watch for in 2016

As with most fashion, interior design is constantly changing and morphing in response to our daily lives. And of course, there are always experts predicting the directions that we’ll see in the next year. Whether you like to keep up with the modern trends or just like to know what’s going on, here are 6 design trends to watch out for this year.

  • Formal dining rooms.

For years, new construction has been steadily building fewer and fewer formal dining rooms. When combined with the trend towards converting existing formal dining rooms into media rooms or studies, some interior designers had been predicting the death of the dining room. But this year may be the turning point. As our family lives have only gotten busier, many families are rediscovering the importance of eating together. So we may yet see more people using their formal dining rooms for their intended purpose. That sounds like a trend we can get behind.


  • Bidets.

Ok, so this may sound a little strange, but there is an actual uptick in the use of bidets in American homes. Already hugely popular in Europe and Asia, bidets can be installed as a stand alone fixture, as part of a high-end toilet and even as an affordable add-on to an existing toilets. Existing bidet users often swear by them, but can they catch on here in America? What do you think?

  • The desk returns.

After years of increasing use of laptops on our laps, real, actual desks are making a comeback. The general feeling had been that with the portability of modern electronics, desks weren’t being used any longer with people opting to do their typing at the kitchen table or in their bed. But it turns out that people actually do like to use a desk. This is another interior design trend that we love. How productive can you be working in your bed? If you’re anything like us, 15 minutes into that spreadsheet, you’re spread out on the sheet.transparent

  • Calming colors.

Seemingly in a reaction to just how busy each and every one of us seems to be, the new trend in colors is simple tranquility. Light, calming hues stand in contrast to deep reds and browns that were previously trending. Sherwin Williams’ color of the year for 2016 is “Alabaster,” which they say “offers a sense of personal solace and revival to weary minds” in a “time of interconnected commotion and over-stimulation.” Similarly, Benjamin Moore’s color of 2016 is “Simply White.” Turning our homes into our own personal bastion away from the feeling of overwhelming pressure that seems to chase so many people today sounds like a great idea.

  • Two toned kitchen cabinets.

Another interesting trend in interior design is mismatched kitchen cabinets. The design idea is similar to breaking up a monotonous outfit with a brightly colored scarf. By pairing a dark kitchen island with bright traditional white kitchen cabinets, or including a section of solid colored cabinets among a sea of natural wood, you can give fairly bland kitchen a pop of interest in a fairly non-traditional way.transparent

  • Heated entryway floors.

Another interesting trend is installing underfloor heating in the front entryway. Imagine being able to come in from the snow and take off your snowy boots off on a toasty warm floor. Not only would it be comfy, but the heat helps dry out wet shoes and mittens. Sounds pretty luxurious. And a relatively affordable luxury at that.

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